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Ikkin Dip It Hydrographics



Gun, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol Hydrographics Warped FX


Ikkin Dip It Hydrographics in Rochester New York, is offering customers premiere water transfer printing services and Cerakote Coatings. We use only the highest quality materials and equipment to produce exceptional results. We have an array of film patterns and base colors for you to choose from as well as several top coat options – from matte clear coat, to super high gloss.


Paintball Hydrographics Warped FX

Animal Skull Hydrographics Warped FX


We specialize in vehicle customizations. We are also federally licensed to accept firearms.  We can take anything that can be submerged in water (plastic, wood, metal, glass) and not just give it a new look but make it a truly unique eye popping show piece.


Animal Deer Skull Hydrographics Warped FX

Custom Car and Vehicle Parts Hydrographics Warped FX

  We stock many patterns as well as Cerakote colors.  

Golf Club Hydrographics Warped FX

Paintball Equipment Hydrographics Warped FX   So when you are ready to customize your hunting gear, car parts, paintball equipment, household items, or just about any hard good item, visit Ikkin Dip It Hydrographics located in Rochester, NY.   Hard Hats and Welding Helmets Hydrographics Warped FX



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