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Titanium Package

$1,800 (total cost)

(Total Price includes 1 person.  Each additional person is just $300.  If you'd like to add a person, no problem, just let us know how many people will be in the class.)


All training is done at our facility.

This is what you can expect to get from the 3 days of intense training.


  • Material listing of everything that you will need to get started (or continue operations more efficiently)
  • How to set up activator gun, which activator gun to buy.
  •  Where we get the cheapest (and good quality) things like Tape, Gloves, Humidifiers, AND MORE!  Things we use here in our shop every day!
  •  Training on prep on many different materials such as plastics, metals, glass (if requested), skulls, vehicle parts, rims, etc.
  •  Training on real world items—not just PVC or speed shapes
  •  Activator and film listing
  •  Painting and Clearing (this usually takes one full day)
  • Prepping different substrates like plastics, metals, and so forth (We'll talk beforehand to ensure that we have just what you need here in house)
  •  Mixing different types of paints and clears
  •  Candy coatings (this is a favorite!)
  •  Using different products such as Epoxy Primer, Metallic Paints, etc. and how to fix issues if they arise.
  •  Painting different sizes and shapes of items (hard hats, versus ATV's, versus gun stock, versus vehicle pieces, versus metal cups, etc.)
  •  Dipping (of course).  You're going to dip REAL items!  And you'll learn WHY things are happening so you can troubleshoot at home too.  You'll learn everything from laying the film on the water to angles, to... too much to list! 
  •  Film storage - get the most out of your film
  •  TOUCH UP (save your sanity).  Like it never happened!
  •  How to handle the dreaded redo
  •  How to read your film and when NOT to dip!
  •  Issues to look for before you even get to the tank
  •  Photography tips to make your stuff look amazing and draw attention
  •  SEO tips to get YOUR items on page 1 of google!
  •  Want to know how to do production work or how to get into a niche and do more? We can help you!
  •  All your "How did you do it?" and Business questions answered





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