Save yourself some time when you get to the fields and print out your waiver now! If you are bringing a group, grab a couple of waivers and have them ready for your players.


These waivers are very straight-forward without any tricky clauses. It basically states that you understand paintball is an lively activity whereupon players shoot at each other. Even with the proper safety regulations in place injury can occur in very rare circumstances.


We at Performance Paintball promise to take proper precautions to run a professional facility, and you agree to take proper precautions during play.


Use the download options below:


Waiver Image – This is a normal sized jpeg of our waiver. Right click and select ‘save link as’ to download.


Waiver PDF -This is a pdf of the waiver. You can fill out the waiver and sign it before you arrive.


Make sure to print out our waiver. You need a filled out and signed waiver to play.