Play Paintball in Rochestr New York

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Rochester Paintball Park

General Information and Rules of Conduct for Play  


No lewd behavior or excessive swearing.
Be courteous to other players, spectators & staff.
No loud music, yelling, or fighting.


Barrel covers are required in all guns at all times anywhere on the property except while playing
Goggles must be worn at all times while on the playing field or at the shooting range.
No firing of paintball guns except on playing field or shooting range.
NO Full-auto, turbo, or multi-round bursts in excess of 13 balls per second.
No exploding paint grenades. Only Tippmann and BT style grenades allowed.


No fireworks allowed by customers.


No drinking of any alcohol before or during play or on Rochester Paintball Park's Property.


No illegal drugs or legal drugs including Marijuana  are permitted before or during play or on Rochester Paintball Park's Property.


Playing Rules:

  • Outdoor Field Chronograph Speed is 250 fps
  • Full-Auto, Turbo, Ramping, Burst and Semi-Auto are allowed but capped at 10 bps
  • A player is marked out upon a paintball hitting and breaking upon any part of a player's body, gun or equipment
  • A player is also marked out if hit with a combined area of paint from a paint grenade the size of a 50 cent piece.
  • Upon being marked out, the player should yell "OUT!" and immediately make his way to the "dead box" while holding his hand up.
  • Blind shooting is not allowed. Look at what you are shooting.
  • The Refs have the final word.
  • Purposely shooting stadium lighting, surrounding building and cars will result in a police arrest
  • The use of non-field paintballs will  bring an immediate ejection from Rochester Paintball Park with no refunds



Acceptable Credit Cards

No Personal Checks Please.


Paintball Store Hours

Private Party Times

Public Play Times



Ikkin Arms, Rochester Paintball, Ikkin Dip It and



 Ikkin Tactical Gear are divisions of Ikkin Industries, Inc.



 1250 Scottsville Road, Suite 30A Rochester New York 14624


 585-328-0250 (store)   585-328-0242 (fax)