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  *The L.L.A.W. is the most powerful air driven  less lethal projectile launcher in the world. Due to the extremely high operating pressure combined with the above 300+ feet per second projectile speeds, IKKIN INDUSTRIES has developed a full product line of multi-purpose munitions to be used EXCLUSIVELY with our launchers.  

            It is highly recommended that you use our munitions to avoid any potential issues with older weaker less lethal products.



  Level .5:    OC

Caliber:    .68

Payload:   0.5% OC

Target:      0-85 ft. / 0-20 m.

Area:         0-175 ft. / 0-53 m.


Our Level .5 OC contains an irritant which can incapacitate any aggressor. When the munition breaks open it releases a cloud of fine pepper powder so powerfully it will sting eyes, cause non-fatal breathing difficulties, and creating other extreme but temporary discomfort.

  Hard  Rubber  Round

Caliber:     .68

Payload:   Advanced Polymer

Target:      0-85 ft. / 0-20 m.

Area:         0-175 ft. / 0-53 m.

  Put up a bed sheet to cover a door way. Label a bulls eye and target practice in the privacy of your own home. Pick up the spent rubber rounds and re-use them. No more driving to a gun range. Practicing with rubber rounds is fun for the whole family.  
  The LLAW system can be used in any of the following applications:
Home Invasions


Animal Attack Deterrent

Personal Protection


Acceptable Credit Cards

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