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Law Enforcement Sales Only

  *The L.L.A.W. is the most powerful air driven  less lethal projectile launcher in the world. Due to the extremely high operating pressure combined with the above 300+ feet per second projectile speeds, IKKIN INDUSTRIES has developed a full product line of multi-purpose munitions to be used EXCLUSIVELY with our launchers.  

            It is highly recommended that you use our munitions to avoid any potential issues with older weaker less lethal products.

  FOR MILITARY & LAW ENFORCEMENT PURCHASES ONLY * To process your order, you must fax your department or company letterhead as fax cover and put attention Glass Breaking Balls Orders and your order number on the fax cover.  Also include a copy of your current valid Military ID, Officer ID, or employee ID.   


  Level 1:    OC

Caliber:    .68

Payload:   1.0% OC

Target:      0-85 ft. / 0-20 m.

Area:         0-175 ft. / 0-53 m.


Our Level 1: OC contains an irritant which can incapacitate any aggressor. When the munition breaks open it releases a cloud of fine pepper powder so powerfully it will sting eyes, cause non-fatal breathing difficulties, and creating other extreme but temporary discomfort.

  Level 2:    OC

Caliber:    .68

Payload:  1.0% OC + 4.0% PAVA

Target:     0-85 ft. / 0-20 m.

Area:        0-175 ft. / 0-53 m.

  Step up a level and shoot less, while incapacitating more suspects--more effectively--with the most powerful pepper filled munition on the market today. Each Level 2 OC round delivers eight times the hot pepper -based irritant powder as our Level 1: OC Round. These maximum-charged rounds are recommended for situations that require the strongest level of irritant.  
  Level 3:    CS

Caliber:    .68

Payload:   .95% CS

Target:      0-85 ft. / 0-20 m.

Area:         0-175 ft. / 0-53 m.

  Multi-Effect:    OC/CS

Caliber:    .68

Payload:   1.0% OC  +  0.95 CS

Target:      0-85 ft. / 0-20 m.

Area:         0-175 ft. / 0-53 m.

  When officer safety is your primary concern, Level 2: OC, Level 3: CS or Multi Effect: OC/CS munitions are ideally suited for riot situations where officers need to create an intense barrier cloud of extremely hot pepper irritant.
  They are highly effective for safely dislodging barricaded suspects by filling enclosed spaces with an insufferable cloud of irritant powder, and fill many other less-lethal roles as well.
  The LLAW system can be used in any of the following applications:
Riot Control
Controlling Uncooperative or Violent Suspects
Standoff Situations - Multiple Suspects
Corrections Officers
Domestic Violence - Fights
Transit Police Operations
Private Security Operators
Crowd / Event Management

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