Ikkin Arms

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The Rochester New York firearm transfer specilists. We transfer handguns. revolvers, pistols, rifles, and  shotguns in our state of the art showroom.

All NFA Rules, New York State Laws and Local Ordinances Apply


Rochester New York's #1 Place For Firearm Transfers





  $25.00 - per rifle


  $25.00 - per shotgun


  $30.00 - per handgun

AR Style Rifle / Lower Receiver:   

  $50.00 - per unit

2+ Handguns in 5 days: 

  $35.00 - per handgun

N.I.C.S. Challenge

  $40.00 - Challenge
  Federal Law: All firearms must have a locking device when they leave the store, please bring one with you! 

Storage Fee:   

  $10.00 - per month

Once a buyer has been contacted by us, they will be given 2 weeks to pick up their firearm/s. After 2 weeks, buyer will be charged our $10.00 storage fee for each stored firearm/s. Buyers will be charged this fee each month until the firearm/s is picked up. Avoid this fee, immediately pick up your firearm.






Federal Firearms License Search
The purpose of this program is to allow an FFL or other user to verify that a Federal Firearms License (FFL) is valid. The user needs only enter the first 3 digits and the last 5 digits of the FFL being verified in the blocks provided and select the SUBMIT button. Selecting the RESET button will clear previously entered data.

FFL eZ Check does not validate Type 03 (Collectors of Curios and Relics) and Type 06 (Manufacturer of Ammunition) licenses. All attempts to check the validity of Type 03 and Type 06 licenses will result in an error message, even though the licenses may be valid. An FFL should not use this error message as reason to deny dealing with a Type 03 licensee.

Our FFL Number is  

6  -  16  -  XXX  -  XX  -  XX  -  02839







Acceptable Credit Cards

Ikkin Arms, Rochester Paintball, Ikkin Dip It and Ikkin Tactical Gear are divisions of Ikkin Industries, Inc.


1250 Scottsville Road, Suite 30A Rochester New York 14624

585-328-0250 (store)   585-328-0242 (fax)

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