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New Water Transfer Printing Films


Zero-Detect Camo - "ZDC"

Ikkin Dip It announces the release of Zero-Detect Camo film. This new pattern, also known as “ZDC”, is based on a unique Ocular Deception System. Zero-Detect Camo discovered 11 common elements found in every environment worldwide and incorporated 10 of these elements into their pattern and system. The pattern is engineered to eliminate the camouflaged object by allowing it to be absorbed into the environment using this system. For this reason it will blend in to a wide variety of, and different colored environments and terrains.

Firearms , bows, game cameras, helmets and other hunting accessories, are truly camouflaged using the “Ocular Deception System” in Zero-Detect Camo. It has a broad range of applications including military, hunting, bird watching, and law enforcement, where camouflage products are necessary.

Zero-Detect water transfer printing film is available exclusively through Warped FX.  The part number for Zero - Dectect is WTP-665.



Boneyard Camo's
"Weatheridge Camouflage"

Ikkin Dip It announce the release of Boneyard Camo's Weatheridge Camouflage. Weatheridge Camouflage is a new and exciting hunting camouflage from the same design team that brought you one of our top selling patterns, Legend Blaze Camo.

Boneyard Camo, known for their creative designer patterns, is proud to introduce Weatheridge Camouflage. Weatheridge Camouflage is from Boneyard Camo's Ridge Series hunting patterns and has proven itself in the field with the use of a unique CT element (Confusion Technology™). This concept helps break up the contours of the human shape while displaying a weathered and grungy bark texture that blends in with virtually any wooded or rocky environment. Weatheridge Camouflage was created with the same Super High-Resolution graphics and superb detail found in Boneyard’s designer patterns with an even larger repeat area. "We have been field-testing Weatheridge Camouflage for deer and turkey for three seasons now and are absolutely ecstatic about the results we are getting afield. We truly believe that it's a combination of the CT element and the grungy, weathered textures that really makes this pattern so effective." said Boneyard Camo Owner Scott Boerner..

Weatheridge Camouflage water transfer printing film is immediately available exclusively through Warped FX. The part number for Weatheridge Camouflage is WFX-676.





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