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All NFA Rules, New York State Laws and Local Ordinances Apply


Rochester New York's #1 Place For Firearm Transfers

Effective September 1, 2022: Any seller of ammunition or dealer in firearms shall keep either an electronic record, or dataset, or an organized collection of structured information, or data, typically stored electronically in a computer system approved as to form by the superintendent of state police. In the record shall be entered at the time of every transaction involving ammunition the date, name, age, occupation and residence of any person from whom ammunition is received or to whom ammunition is delivered, and the amount, caliber, manufacturer's name and serial number, or if none, any other distinguishing number or identification mark on such ammunition.

Ammunition Transfer Fee Only $10 per shipped brand / caliber

Try to get all your ammo in one UPS or FEDEX box to save money.


Did you know that New Yorkers can still save money by

purchasing ammunition on-line?


However, a provision in the New York Safe Act and the 2022 democrat power grab makes it illegal to purchase

ammunition on-line then have it shipped directly to you.


We can help!


Follow these simple directions to save!

1. Find your best deal for ammunition.
2. Purchase it using steps 3,4,5,6 & 7.
3. Billing telephone number is yours.
4. Billing address should be the address where
   your credit card bill is mailed.
5. Shipping telephone number is yours.
6. *** Shipping address  ***  
  Ikkin Arms

1250 Scottsville Road, Suite 30A

Rochester, New York 14624

** Your Phone Number **

7. *** Please send chris@ikkin.net a quick note telling him you purchased ammunition.
Please include the contact e-mail address of your ammunition supplier. The supplier will need a copy of Ikkin Arms Federal Firearms License on file before they will ship your ammunition.
Below are links to some popular and inexpensive ammunition suppliers, who have our FFL on file and will ship to New York State.



If you or your supplier have any questions please call 585-328-0250


Acceptable Credit Cards

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1250 Scottsville Road, Suite 30A Rochester New York 14624


585-328-0250 (store)   585-328-0242 (fax)


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