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Castle Mayhem

CASTLE MAYHEM is organized chaos.

Castle team players must survive an all out assault from an outnumbering force for 6 minutes.


Game Play

There is no more Black Knight and Crimson Pirates. Players break down into smaller teams. For example, if the party consisted of 12 players, there will be now 3 teams of 4 players each. The players of these teams will play Castle Mayhem, Operation Geronimo 2 and "Protect the President."

The concept is simple yet the play is mayhem, 4 players versus 8 players.

Castle players must remain in the Castle Compound. The Castle Compound is inside the Castle or behind it; nowhere else. Attackers start from the near side of the field.

After each team indicates they are ready, game play begins.

Players from each team are trying to eliminate the opposing team's players by marking them with paintballs.

Players who are eliminated will go to a designated area until the game is over.

Who wins... Who Loses...

If the attacking players eliminate all of the castle players, the Castle loses, attackers win. If the Castle eliminates all attackers or lives for 5 minutes, Castle WINS!

Players who play as a team and have a good game plan always win this game. 

Win or Lose, memories of this game will last a lifetime.


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