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Protect the "President" is a player favorite at Rochester Paintball Park.

"Protect the President" is a Performance Paintball Park favorite.

There are two teams: the "President" and the "terrorists". Terrorist have made a surprise sneak attack on our "President". Out gunned and out numbered, He and his "Secret Service" must hold out for 5 minutes until reinforcements arrive.


Game Play

The "President" is given a chest and back protector for identification purposes.

The terrorists get a large number of players and attempt to break into the president's base.

The president's base is the castle side of the field. Unlike Castle Mayhem, the "President" and his staff are not confined to the castle compound but can move anywhere on the playing field to "Protect the President"

Each side will take casualties with paintball hits. These players will go to their sides perspective dead box till the end of the game.

Who wins... Who loses...

The terrorists win if they mark the "President" with paintballs  within 5 minutes.

The "President" wins if he is still alive after 5 minutes. After 5 minutes Secret Service reinforcements arrive and kill all terrorists, "Terrorists LOSE!"


This is a fast paced team oriented game. We usually keep the same team members who played "Castle Mayhem".


Acceptable Credit Cards

No Personal Checks Please.


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low impact paintballs = painless play




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