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Operation Geronimo 2

There are two teams: Seal Team 6 and the terrorists.

Seal Team 6 missed and Bin Laden is still alive. Osama Bin Laden and his terrorist buddies have once again been spotted and are hiding in a block house. 

As members of Seal Team 6, you only have 5 minutes to kill Bin Laden before Pakistani Army forces arrive and save Bin Laden.

Game Play

There are no more Blue and Black Teams.

"Bin Laden" is given a special blood red set of goggles for identification purposes and a select group of terrorist players.

Seal Team 6 gets a larger number of players and attempts to break into the block house and kill Bin Laden.

"Bin Laden" must remain in the block house and nowhere else. Members of Seal Team 6 start from the near side of the field.

Once all participants indicates they are ready, game play begins.

Each side will take casualties with paintball hits. These players will go to their sides perspective dead box till the end of the game.

Who wins... Who Loses...

Seal Team 6 wins if they kill "Bin Laden" in 5 minutes with a paintball.

Bin Laden and his terrorist cohorts win if after 5 minutes he is still alive.


It's your job to rid the world of Bin Laden


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