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Zoom the Groom a Rochester Paintball bachelor party exclusive.

Zoom the Groom is a bachelor party favorite.

The groom must survive for 15 seconds an all out assault from the wedding crashers.


Game Play

There is no more Crimson Pirates and Black Knights. All players combine into one huge team. The groom is a man alone.

The concept is simple yet the play is intense, ALL versus 1.

The Groom must remain in the Castle Compound. The Castle Compound is inside the Castle or behind it; nowhere else. The wedding crashers start from behind our tower of terror.

After all parties indicates they are ready, game play begins.

The groom is trying to eliminate or slow down the wedding crashers advance.

The wedding crashers are trying to stop the wedding by shooting the groom anywhere on the body. Gun hits do not count for this game.

Who wins... Who Loses...

If the groom lives for 15 seconds, Groom WINS - there will be a wedding.

If the Groom loses, the wedding is "off"


How bad does the Groom want to get married?

"Zoom the Groom" answers that question.


Acceptable Credit Cards

No Personal Checks Please.


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low impact paintballs = painless play




Performance Paintball, Inc.



 1250 Scottsville Road, Suite 30A Rochester New York 14624


 585-328-0250 (store)   585-328-0242 (fax)