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Zombie 2K

Zombie 2K is true crowd pleaser.

Players go back to their original Black and Blue Teams. This is a five minute game where each team is trying to kill as many Zombies as they can. The team with the most Zombie Kills wins.

Game Play

One team will be at the tower of terror side of the field, while the other team will be on the castle side.

After each team indicates they are ready, game play begins.

All players are "Zombies". The Zombies from each team use paintball guns to try and eliminate Zombies from the other team.

How do you eliminate a Zombie? Just like the movies; by shooting them in the head. Zombies can get hit multiple times, but if they are hit in the head, that Zombie is eliminated.

Zombies who are eliminated will go to a designated dead box till the end of the game.

Who wins... Who loses...

This is a 5 minute game. After 5 minutes the referee will count the number of Zombies in each dead box.

The team who kills the most Zombies wins.


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