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Double Jeopardy



Double Jeopardy is our second capture the flag style game.

Double means "Double Flag - Double Life - Double Trouble"

Game Play

There is a near side and a castle side of our playing field. The Black Team will be on one side and the Blue Team on the other.

After each team indicates they are ready, game play begins.

Players from each team are trying to eliminate the opposing team's players by marking them with paintballs.

Players who are eliminated will go to a designated area, but after 5 seconds players are allowed to come back onto the field of play. Eliminated players are only allowed to come back to like one time, double jeopardy players get a double life. Players who are eliminated from play a second time, must go to the designated area and remain there until the end of the round.

There are two different colored flags on separate cones at two different locations at the center of the field in plain sight. Each team is trying to pull their team colored flag off of the cone and return it to their base without being eliminated from the game. At the same time, not letting the other team get their flag and return it to their base.

The first team who successfully returns their team colored flag to their base wins.

After the flag is hung, players will be told to switch ends because Double Jeopardy is a series game, meaning it is best out of 3.

Once again, Double Jeopardy game play is a best out of 3 series. The first team to hang their team flag 2 times wins and gets a special Photo to signify that they won...

"Double Jeopardy".



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