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Death Match

Death Match is another one of the "series" style games we play.

The first team to eliminate all or more of the opposing team's players with paintballs in 5 minutes wins "the Death Match."


Game Play

The flag is now removed from the playing field and the Black Team finds themselves in a Death Match against the Blue Team. One team will be at the near side of the field, while the other team will be on the castle side.

After each team indicates they are ready, game play begins.

Players from each team are trying to eliminate the opposing team's players with paintballs.

Players who are eliminated will go to a designated area until the game is over.

Game play length is 5 minutes. The team to eliminate more of the opposing team's players wins. After minutes if the score is tied, the game play goes into SUDDEN DEATH. Sudden death extends game play for a additional 3 minutes. If in those 3 minutes a play from an opposing team is shot game play immediately ends and the team which the player was eliminated looses that round. After 3 minutes of sudden death, game play ends in a tie.

Death Match game play is a best out of 3 series. The first team to eliminate all or most of opposing team's players in 2 out of 3 rounds wins and gets a special Photo to signify that they....

"Survived the Death Match".


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