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Is Paintball Safe?

PAINTBALL is very safe. At Performance Paintball Park, walk on players must be at least 10 years old, yet because our paintball field is so safe, we can do private sessions for players as young as 8 years old. 

Not all paintballs are created equal, most fields tend to use a VERY HARD ball which can really hurt when you are hit by it. Let's face it, the harder the ball, the less breaks, the less breaks, the more you shoot making them more money, also there is less mess to clean. Are you starting to see the big picture?

Not at Performance Paintball Park, our staff seeks out manufacturers, who manufacturer the most brittle of paintballs. We want to see paintball breaks and no tears. Tears, blood, welts and pain are not a way get return business.

Our staff makes sure all paintball guns are safely calibrated. As long as paintball gun is set to our safe field speed, which is how fast the ball flies through the air, you or your child will have the time of your life at our facility.

Don't worry about head shots! The best place to get hit by a paintball is in the head. Our paintball goggles protect players, mouths, eyes, ears and foreheads. If you wear glasses, no problem, we have special sets of goggles for players with eye glasses.

What should I wear to play?

Paint from the paintball washes out, but don't play in nice clothes. Wear clothes you can get dirty in. Clothes you can move around freely in. We recommend workout type clothing, sweat pants and a hooded sweat shirt. Some players have been know to play in shorts at the park and short sleeve shirts. Not necessary but recommended would be a light pair of gloves. For shoes, 3 seasons of the year, players can wear cleats, running shoes or boots. In the winter months, please dress appropriately for the climate, we recommend boots, heavy gloves and a hat for winter play.

What is Paintball?

PAINTBALL is a high action team sport consisting of players shooting gelatin capsules filled with water soluble, biodegradable, non-toxic, paint at each other while trying to obtain an objective. When a player is hit with a paintball that breaks on his body or equipment he is marked out. Most private games run 10 minutes so the player is out until the next game starts. The most basic game consists of two teams trying to eliminate the other team by marking all of the opposing team members out. The next most popular game is Capture the Flag where both teams are trying to grab a flag in the middle of the playing field and return it to their starting point which wins the game.

I don't have any equipment. What types of guns and equipment do you offer?

Most players use a semi-auto paintball marker that shoots a paintball every time that they pull the trigger. During public play times, Performance Paintball Park has a basic rental package for $30 and an advanced player package for $40. The rental includes all the necessary high pressure to power the marker and a set of safety approved goggles attached to a full face mask that covers the face, chin, ears, and of course your eyes. All markers come with a barrel cover that slides over the end of the marker barrel for when the marker is not in use so you cannot accidentally shoot a paintball out of the marker. We also have available for an additional charge neoprene front and back chest protectors and 2 pod harnesses for players who wish to carry additional paintballs.

What is Performance Paintball Park?

Performance Paintball Park does not have poison ivy, ticks, snakes, vines, or wood chuck holes. Performance Paintball Park instead is proud to offer the areas largest, most exiting and challenging paintball field.  Designed by a former professional paintball player,  the outdoor paintball field was developed exclusively for recreational players. It is giant in size and features large Hyper Pipe bunkers in various configurations, plus a 2 story tower of terror and a large multi level castle.
Public Play vs. Private Sessions

Public play means you are playing against anyone who shows up to play during the public play session. If you decide to have a private session, our entire paintball facility is yours during your time slot. You can choose between having a 2 hour BUDGET party where each player gets 200 paintballs and all necessary equipment or a 2 hour SNIPER party where each player gets 500 paintballs and all necessary equipment. Our field staff has a multitude of different games for your group to play and will be more than happy to explain all the rules. Our referees will also be taking action photos throughout your private session; the photos are 100% FREE.  All private sessions are run by safety certified refs and you will be given a thorough safety briefing before you start playing.

Performance Paintball Park does stock Sodas, Water, & Gatorade. There are also many restaurants and pizza places within a few miles of our facility.

Fill out a waiver form and bring it with you to save time at registration.

If after reading through our web page, you have any questions about PAINTBALL or playing at Performance Paintball Park, please call us at 585-328-0250 or 585-261-6891 and our friendly professional staff will be happy to answer them.


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